The Team

Dr. Shannon Doherty

Primary Investigator, COMGAP-S Project, GlobalHME Research Group

Department of Medical Science and Public Health, Faculty of Medical Science
Anglia Ruskin University

Dr. Doherty is Primary Investigator of the COMGAP-S project, managing project activities in the UK and Sri Lanka. Her PhD thesis explored ethical challenges involved in conducting health research with people who have been trafficked for sexual and labour exploitation. Her key areas of research interest are global mental health, migration health, public health and human trafficking.

Ms. Gergana Manolova

Research Assistant, COMGAP-S Project
Department of Medical Science and Public Health, Faculty of Medical Science
Anglia Ruskin University

Ms. Manolova is currently a research assistant in the COMGAP-S project, responsible for the administrative management and supporting research activities at the UK office of the project. Ms. Manolova has experience with research in global mental health and working with psychological therapies. Her interests include global mental health, psychological and psychiatric anthropology, migration and psychotherapy.


Ms. Giselle Dass

Research Associate and Project Administration Officer
COMGAP-S Project

Ms. Dass is currently a research associate and project administration officer for the COMGAP-S project. She is responsible for the overall efficient day-to-day management of the project in Sri Lanka. Ms. Dass has international experience working and conducting research on issues of child and adolescent mental health services. She also has experience working with the International Organization for Migration providing counselling and rehabilitation services for migrants as well as developing community infrastructure projects within Sri Lanka focusing on conflict-affected areas of the country.

Mr. Sivalingam Kirupakaran

Senior Research Associate
COMGAP-S Project

Mr. Kirupakaran is currently the senior fieldwork associate for the COMGAP-S project. He assists with data collection along with other research activities and supervises research assistants. Mr. Kirupakaran has research experience in areas of health sector resilience and applied sociology. He has also worked on projects in areas of social development, resettlement, and water and sanitation in emergency situations.

Mr. Fritz Jooste

Web Developer and Technology Consultant

Mr. Jooste is a freelance web developer and information designer who has worked with multiple South African and international organizations, including Bloomberg Philanthropies, SHM Foundation, Right2Know Campaign, Code for South Africa, Ndifuna Ukwazi and the SOS Coalition. His educational background is in global mental health, psychology and social anthropology. His main areas of expertise are web development, UX consulting and the interface between technology and mental health.